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About Us - Bill & Lori Oraschin

Bill & Lori Oraschin purchased their first 3 alpacas in 2006.  Bill was down in Myrtle Beach at the time at the "Bike Week", events, and looking at possibly buying another Harley Davidson.  Lori attended an alpaca auction that same day. A phone call to Bill that evening set the farming journey in motion.  Rather than buying another Harley, they were now proud owners of their first 3 alpacas.

Not owing a farm at the time, they boarded "agisted" their alpacas.  They purchased the remaining 4 female alpacas to complete their foundation herd in the spring of 2007, and then "FINALLY" moved the Alpaca herd onto the farm of their dreams in Quakertown, Pennsylvainia in December of 2007.  And so rather than another motorcycle, they now have a beautiful farm in Bucks County PA, and "Harley Hill Farm" was born!

Bill and Lori also have an accounting practice, (Oraschin & Associates)  They specialize in agricultural taxation, and prepare over 300 tax returns each year. 

Lori has been a speaker at many agricultural events including the 2009 World Alpaca Conference.

Lori also does many consultations with new perspective alpaca breeders to show them the tax advantages of Alpaca Breeding & farming

Bill and Lori also provide clients with other financial services!

  • Retirement Planning and investments
  • Mutual Fund Investments
  • Annuities
  • Home, Auto, Long Term health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Refinancing
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